When I first visited Physur Health to have a Colon Hydrotherapy it was an amazing experience, Jonathan Puesan made me feel very relax and comfortable. The following morning I felt great with no bloating and very relax full of energy.
- Daisy Rojas

I used to get back aches from training so hard in my Shim Myung Do School.  I have been training for the past 40 years in Martial Arts.  Physur Health and Wellness changed my life! Jonathan  Puesan is a trained specialists from Internationally China , Mexico and USA.  His dedication helped relieve my pinching muscles and Jonathan  Puesan taught me how to avoid back tension in the future. 
- Grandmaster Rod Bohorquez

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Daisy Rojas

Jonathan Puesan Graduated UAG Medical School as a License Physician Surgeon,

He also has the following background, Medical Specialty in TCM from The International School Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Academy of Chinese

Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture North American Branch New York City,

Neural Therapy & Homotoxicology from Guadalajara Mexico, CNC, License Massage Therapy & Colon Hydrotherapy in the state of Florida.     

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Martha Puesan

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Physur Health and Wellness specializes in Colon Hydrotherapy, MPS Scar release, Cranial release, Swedish and Chair massages, Cupping therapy, Ear candle therapy, Pain management, Supplementation and Bach flowers therapy. If you don’t know which massage you need, we’ll take the time to study your habits and determine what level of pressure, temperature, and motion is best suited for your body’s condition. 

Jonathan Puesan

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